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Can you inspire a generation in a hour?

Published on Thursday, 12th November 2015, contributed by AMBITIOUS

Digitech Studio School Bristol, the region's first Studio School specialising in digital, high tech and creative sectors, is looking for volunteers from agencies and clients and those working freelance to give an hour of their time and take part in series of inspirational sessions for students.

Already working in partnership with Intel, e3, BLOODHOUND, Barclays, Renishaw, More Soda and Bristol 247 who are providing students with live projects to work on, career coaching and work experience, Digitech Studio School is now launching 'Inspiration Hour': one hour-long talks (to students) from individuals working in the creative sector.

Agency Heads are very much welcome, but Digitech is particularly interested in hearing from people at all levels who are working across digital, social media, design, mobile, marketing, PR communications, photography, filming, events, copywriting, gaming, app development, coding and planning and who have insight, advice and experiences to share with students aged 14 to 19 years old. 

What’s Involved?

If you’re interested in hosting an 'Inspiration Hour' at Digitech, then please get in touch with Vee Balasco at Digitech e:

In addition to answering questions from inquisitive students, you’ll be expected to talk through what your job involves, the skills required, how you got into it and why this could be a great career choice for students.

For more information about Digitech please access the website