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A new marketing and sustainability framework to be revealed in Bristol

Published on Thursday, 5th November 2015

A new framework for marketers to build sustainability into their day-to-day activities is being revealed to marketers from across the region in Bristol on 17 November.

The Institute of Sustainable Solutions Research at Plymouth University, working with Friends of the Earth and in consultation with marketing experts and members of CIM (The Chartered Institute of Marketing), are proposing six new foundations that form the basis of a Framework of Evolved Marketing. This framework aims to place sustainability at the centre of day-to-day marketing tasks, highlight organisational barriers to change and illuminate what ‘good’ looks like in practice.

Delegates at November’s  ‘Marketing as a force for sustainability’ event, organised by CIM and supported by Go Green, will be addressed by the frameworks co-author Dr Victoria Hurth, Associate Professor in Marketing at Plymouth University.

The event provides an opportunity for marketing practitioners to contribute to the latest thinking in reforming marketing. Attendees will be encouraged to discuss and comment on the emerging framework and bring their own experience to bear. Speaker, Chartered Marketer Dr Victoria Hurth, works on solutions to environmental and social issues across the fields of academia, business and the third sector. Victoria has an MSc in Environment and Development and a PhD in Sustainable Consumption at Exeter University. She is currently an Associate Professor in Marketing at Plymouth University and her research includes advancing sustainable marketing and organisational purpose.

Victoria explains: “We are lacking a common language and vision of the role marketing can play in creating a sustainable society. This lack of common thinking allows greenwashing to be rife and undermines the business case for sustainable business models – and the critical role of marketing in this.

Attendees will be given insight into the academic and practitioner thinking behind the framework and why it adds something new. They will be given a maturity matrix template for use in their organisations – attendee’s experience of using this will be actively used to shape the future of the framework”.

Chartered marketer, Carole Bond, CIM South West sustainability ambassador adds: “Sustainability is no longer just a marginal concern, as increasing numbers of companies, including the world's largest corporations, embrace sustainability as a strategic theme. For marketers this requires a shift in the way we will do things in the future. This event provides a very exciting opportunity for local marketers to be involved in the evolution of this new framework – there aren’t many management models available that re-think strategically how marketing functions within the business can operate to deliver a sustainable future.”

The event is being held at the offices of Bond Dickinson on 17 November 2015 at 08:30 – 11:30. Bristol Go Green members can obtain a preferential booking rate. For more information visit: or call 01628 427340.