image for Kinneir Dufort cooks up a design storm in Korea

Kinneir Dufort cooks up a design storm in Korea

Published on Thursday, 22nd October 2015, contributed by Kinneir Dufort

Kinneir Dufort has been proudly working with Korean food giant Chung Jung One, whose brands are as recognisable in a Korean home as Marmite or HP sauce are here in the UK.

The company wanted to extend the consumer experience of their much loved brands and called on Kinneir Dufort to turn the unwanted into the desirable.  After sauces, pastes, oils, purees and powders had been used they wanted to give their consumers that little bit more.

Thanks to Kinneir Dufort’s design team, used Korean Bulgogi marinade bottles can become hand blenders, Gochujang (Korean red chilli) tubs become pretty herb gardens perfect for modern apartment living, and ubiquitous glass jars are brought to life as a booming portable speaker system.

The products all play a part of a larger campaign Kinneir Dufort and their Korean partners INNORED have been developing.  It launches today on Youtube and is supported by a website that allows consumers to vote on their favourite product that Chung Jung One will then manufacture.

Brands have to develop new and engaging touch-points as the relationship between consumer and brands grows ever more complex. Creative Products are becoming the powerful marketing communication tool in the commercial world. Our Design director Craig Wightman says of the work;  

Our brief was to explore surprising and innovative ways of additional uses for Chung Jung One’s food packaging, with the only restriction being that the uses should be food and home related.  We are delighted that the final range of designs encourages consumers to think imaginatively about food, as well as the Chung Jung One brand itself.  We’re excited to find out how consumers react to the idea.

Kinneir Dufort and INNORED, Korea’s leading digital marketing agency, have successfully delivered multiple campaigns together.  The partnership is set to continue delivering product-focused creative digital campaigns. It combines Kinneir Dufort’s heritage in innovation and product design expertise, with INNORED’s exciting and emotive digital engagement know-how.