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Icon Films sink their teeth into vampire lore...

Published on Monday, 5th October 2015, contributed by Icon Films

Icon Films, has been commissioned by Channel 4 to produce a 1 x 60 England’s Vampires in association with THIRTEEN Productions LLC for WNET.

Icon Films is to produce ‘England’s Vampires’ a one hour documentary that brings together medieval manuscripts, new archaeological finds and a shocking interview with a real-life vampire slayer shedding light on disturbing rituals from Europe’s past and to show that Dracula’s roots lie in fact not fiction.

In 2004 Professor John Blair from Oxford University, made the connection between folktales from Medieval manuscripts describing rituals to dispatch the walking dead and archaeological finds of disturbed Anglo Saxon graves.  There was a striking similarity between the violent actions performed on the skeletons in the grave and what was described by the texts. Could this be proof that the folktales were real?  Then Professor Blair came across a case of a vampire slaying in modern Romania.  The ritual that the vampire slayer described bore striking similarities to those described by the medieval text. The three pieces of evidence stack up to suggest that in Medieval England there was indeed a belief in Vampires.

The documentary goes on to explore why this belief in vampires may have existed and why people were motivated to perform such gruesome acts on a corpse. 

Channel 4 and THIRTEEN commissioned the documentary, which will be distributed by PBS Distribution

‘Commissioned for Channel 4’s Secret History strand and PBS’s Secrets of the Dead strand, it is exciting to bring together historical and archaeological evidence to shed new light on a part of our history that until now has been little known about and even less understood.  The results make chilling Television’ said Owen Gay, Executive Producer, Icon Films