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Design Stuff Bristol - Monthly talks by designers

Published on Tuesday, 8th September 2015, contributed by PollyDoesDesign

The Bristol version of the popular Design Stuff is launching in November 2015!

Design Stuff Bristol is a monthly (and free) social event about design… stuff. Each month, two designers talk about a topic of their choice which is based in and around design.

At Design Stuff we get together to listen to interesting people, have a few drinks, make some new friends and generally have a good time. This all continues long after the talks have finished.

Hosted and planned by design and creative professionals it hopes to be the go to evening of choice for creative in Bristol to get together and talk Design (stuff).

Design Stuff Bristol is based on the successful Design Stuff Cardiff events and follows the same format and has support from across the bridge.

Fancy getting involved? get in contact with us via our website, email or twitter!