image for Dirty Design unveil crafty beer packaging.

Dirty Design unveil crafty beer packaging.

Published on Friday, 17th July 2015, contributed by Dirty Design

Bristol based agency Dirty Design has created the new packaging for The Chiltern Brewery’s range of bottled beers.

Following the success of the draught pump clips design, using a full sized replica of a pint of beer, it was important to align the two formats whilst appreciating the difference at point of purchase and drinking experience.

The same visual cue from the draught format is used to communicate the beer’s colour, whilst being supported by tasting notes for the beer’s nose and taste. The award shield was applied to the front of the bottle to showcase the beer’s many CAMRA, SIBA and Great Taste achievements in the industry.

The brewery’s pride in both geographical and heritage terms is delivered with a rolling hillside background design mimicking the flow of beer when poured into a glass. At the same time, contemporary, craft beer cues are represented using a consistent chalk white paired with specific beer variant colours.

The range of 330ml and 500ml beers has been renamed to appeal to a wider and more diverse audience of beer drinkers, whilst retaining the source and inspiration from the recipe and brewing technique. As Head Brewer, Tom Jenkinson, explains: “There is more interest than ever before in beer styles and the history of beers”.

Tom adds: “Our new labels give the customer the information they need to make an informed choice at a glance – and we think they look fantastic too! We are surrounded by nature here. The beautiful rural countryside where the brewery is located has been hugely influential on our brewing techniques and ethos and we feel these labels capture the very essence of what has and continues to inspire us. We really hope everyone likes them.”