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Sharing Knowledge. Supporting Growth.

Published on Wednesday, 1st July 2015, contributed by ADLIB

You may have heard already, however if not we’d like to introduce you to Journey, ADLIB’s recently launched sister company.

Journey is a business specifically created to connect real world mentors, business planners, advisors and non-execs (call them what you like) with talented and ambitious digital, creative, marketing and PR orientated businesses across the South West.

A network of real world sector people, on hand when and where it’s needed to help support and guide entrepreneurial SME business owners and stakeholders in any manner of ways through their business journey.

The world is changing at a fast pace. It’s never been easier to create a business within the digital and creative world. Businesses are being created daily by talented, brilliant people who have amazing ideas. Commercialising a brilliant idea is one thing; running and upscaling a business is something completely different.

We know from experience that business is often a complex journey; one we chose not to face alone. The value of taking this approach has been immense. Access to an experienced mentor / business planner / coach / non exec helps shape and plan the future of the business, the vision, the milestones and let’s not forget the occasional psychological support.

So that’s why Journey exists. Learn more by heading over to the Journey website