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Rapidly expanding Virtual Reality studio Opposable

Published on Wednesday, 1st July 2015, contributed by Opposable Games

TV, animation, web, mobile – Bristol has always played host to innovative studios and agencies that put together technology and creativity to create exciting projects.  The latest technology that is setting the creative and investment world alight is Virtual Reality (“VR”), and as usual, Bristol is leading the way in this new and exciting field.

Those who have tried one of the new VR headsets will tell you that it seems magical, something they’ve imagined would one day happen but not in their lifetime.  The new experiences possible with VR are fast gaining attention as a transformative tool for marketing brands, for creating new entertainment experiences and for visualising business products and services.  

The expectations around VR are mounting heavily, with according interest from venture capital firms and other large tech companies investing in VR hardware and acquiring VR specialist teams at a quietly growing rate. Industry Analyst Digi-capital’ reports that AR and VR are set to disrupt the mobile market and hit a combined value of $150 billion by 2020, citing a fresh, uncluttered market and high consumer appetite as the primary reasons for the move from mobile.

Tech titans such as Facebook have made the virtual leap already, with Facebook CEO Zuckerburg noting that “Every 10-15 years a new major computing platform arrives, and we think virtual and augmented reality are important parts of this upcoming next platform”, during the $2billion for Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus Rift, one of many headset manufacturers.  At this weeks E3 conference, Microsoft and Sony set the battleground for the next console wars to be staged around their virtual reality offerings, and are making moves to attract the best VR games and developers for their 2016 lineup.

Bristol is playing central stage to these new developments. Based in the Bristol Games Hub, Opposable Games have been developing VR experiences for the last few years in their own games, and in the award-winning projects they put together for businesses using their game design skills and technology.  Run by Ben Trewhella, an experienced technology entrepreneur, the team have formed Opposable VR and brought in proven growth and operations expertise in the form of CCO Chris Price and COO Nan Xu, both of whom have been overseen the creation of successful technology companies before.

The new VR company is already working with brands chomping at the bit to open new markets with the new technology, and has signed up blue chip clients and hardware partners to deliver new products in events marketing, healthcare, gambling and consumer entertainment, as video games and other 360 experiences. Opposable VR has been expanding rapidly in recent months, and is keen to hear from digital creatives, mobile technologists, games developers and 3D designers who would like to be re-trained as VR specialists.

Opposable will continue to grow the UK’s largest VR conference, which last year attracted an international audience of 250 VR specialists and press to engage in talks, demos and meetings. A number of high-profile industry-leading delegates and speakers at the event included guests from Sony, Microsoft, Oculus, Samsung and NBCUniversal.

Next year’s conference, slated for April 2016, will cast its international net even wider afield, with partners from US, China and Europe looking forward to experiencing the best VR has to offer. In the run-up to the conference, Opposable are able to provide industry analysis, news and insights on virtual reality via their fortnightly newsletter available at, or for a more detailed look at the technology it is possible to sign up for one of their regular VR roundtables by contacting Chris Price