More success through collaboration

More success through collaboration - why we love supporting Bristol Media

Published on Wednesday, 6th May 2015

ADLIB are delighted to announce the renewal of their partnership with Bristol Media for 2015 / 2016, and we are proud, very proud, to be a part of the good that they do. Although there was no doubt that we’d be continuing our relationship, we were completely blown away at their plans for the year ahead and the opportunity ADLIB has to contribute towards the success of the South West’s creative, marketing and digital industries.

The launch of a brand new Bristol Media website is just the beginning: a self-publishing space that encourages members to showcase work and provide expert opinion and sector insights. You’ll also enjoy a series of masterclasses, keynote events and workshops throughout the year. However, topping it all will be a magnificent 10 year anniversary showcase event in the latter half of the year, a huge opportunity to celebrate success, progression and good times (watch this space for more info).

ADLIB are passionate about contributing their knowledge towards the South West creative, marketing and digital communities. The sense of energy and collaboration that buzzed around Vision 2014 really demonstrated that we are part of something genuinely special. We salute Bristol Media for playing such a fantastic role in facilitating much of this engagement, bringing people together within a collaborative and supportive environment.  

In 2014, Bristol had the strongest Creative Industries sector of any large urban area in the UK outside London and in January 2015 was named as one of the 3 centres with the best growth prospects outside London. That’s some achievement already, however looking forward, the opportunity to build on this and deliver further economic growth is significant.

This growth supports ADLIB’s experience of a visible increase of talent seeking a move West, not only to enhance their quality of life but also seeking progressive career moves. A message firmly supported within ADLIB’s 2015 salary, engagement and benefits report.

Pulling this together, the key word that has shone through is ‘collaboration’. We believe that when participating in collaboration, businesses are more likely to succeed.

If you are not a part of the Bristol Media community yet, we recommend attending one of their MeetUp events get a taste of what it is all about. Be sure to come and say hello to us there too!