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Bristol agency warns of upcoming Google update

Published on Wednesday, 25th March 2015
On the 21st of April Google are giving mobile-friendly websites a higher priority in the mobile results.

Smart Traffic, a Bristol based SEO company, are advising businesses to ensure that their websites are optimised for mobile devices following the announcement of an upcoming Google update.

On the 21st of April, Google are updating their search algorithm, increasing the importance of a website’s mobile-friendliness when ranking pages on mobile devices.  A website’s position in the search results can dramatically alter the amount of traffic that it receives, with sites that appear on the first page of Google having a significant advantage over their competitors.

The rise of smartphones and tablets in recent years has revolutionised the way that people browse the internet and seek information. While previous Google updates have touched upon this trend, the insofar unnamed update is the first to openly state that mobile-friendly sites are to be given priority in the search engine result pages.

Businesses and website owners are advised to ensure that their websites either have a mobile version or responsive design, which enables a website to adapt to a consumer’s device or provides the best user experience. Optimising a site’s loading time will also become more important when looking to make your site better suited for mobile. This can be done through making sure that image and file sizes are as small as possible without comprising on quality.

David Haslam, Head of Account Management offers this advice for businesses.

“It is rare for the exact date of an update to be announced in advance, so it appears that Google are trying to provide businesses with an opportunity to adapt their websites before it is rolled out. We are currently working closely with our clients to ensure that they are in a position to benefit from this update and would highly recommend that other businesses do the same.”

Image Credit: Edgeworks Limited, CC BY 2.0