image for Feather-Light and Paper-Thin: The Wave of Independent Web-Series Inspire a New Generation of Filmmakers in Bristol

Feather-Light and Paper-Thin: The Wave of Independent Web-Series Inspire a New Generation of Filmmakers in Bristol

Published on Monday, 5th January 2015
Feather-Light and Paper-Thin is a gripping 6-part crime drama set in Bristol.

Feather-Light and Paper-Thin is a gripping 6-part crime drama set in Bristol.

Shot in 2014, comprising of a mainly Bristol-based cast and crew, this exciting show is set in an unusual 20-minute-per-episode webseries format. This independent series is about to hit the film festival circuit in 2015, not only promoting Bristol, but also the value of what can be achieved by local filmmakers on a micro-budget.

Bristol is well known for its creative influences, and it’s no surprise that this drama is already beginning to cause a ripple of excitement on the independent film scene.  Written and directed by Ian Garforth, the drama is inspired by Norwegian style shows such "The Killing" – except with a Bristolian twist.

You’ll get pulled into the world of care worker Jenny Finch (played by actress Kamila Dydyna) who believes that taking on a new job working for the blind, but far from helpless, Fenton Roth (played by Tony Rowlands), could lead her one step closer to the promotion she longs for.  Mr Roth, it seems, has other ideas.

It is troubling enough that this old man appears to know nearly everything about Jenny, but his cryptic clues and constant challenges become more deadly when the police turn up on his doorstep investigating a crime which could destroy everything Jenny cares about.

Ian Garforth, based in Southville, is a teacher, writer and director. He tells us:

“We have been determined to explore the potential of the web series as a format without rules, and accordingly have been uncompromising in how we felt the structure of the series might run. I wrote the series in six twenty-minute episodes, which has allowed greater character and narrative development in each episode than might otherwise have been possible”

The cast are largely local Bristol talent, with the exception of Dublin based actress and producer Kamila Dydyna (who plays Finch) who flew to Bristol every weekend during the shoot to film her scenes. Opposite Dydyna, is actor Tony Rowlands, who has recently finished a run on stage as part of the Hotwells panto season. He brings a depth and intrigue to Roth’s character, which works brilliantly in contrast to the naivety of his young care worker.

Other local talent on the production includes Cara Bamford, who got involved on the project on returning home to Bristol, after studying her masters in London at RADA. Cara has appeared in a number of Bristol-based productions in the past, including Teachers (Channel 4), Casualty (BBC) and independent film Lost Dogs, which premiered at Cannes and screened at the Watershed. Cara appears in the series as Detective Sergeant Claire Moretti, who is hot on the trail of the unravelling mystery surrounding Mr Roth and his seemingly innocent care worker, Finch.

The series will also see appearances from Tom Ash-Miles, who plays Jenny Finch’s flatmate Simon, and Livvie May who plays Simon’s sister, Kathryn. Ian Kane plays DS Moretti’s partner DC Adams. Gill Loats is cast as the wonderfully villainous Kirsten Berg, and Aaron Long as Lucas. Aaron was recently nominated for Best Actor in the feature film The Long Road at the Eastern North Carolina Film Festival.

The crew comprised of Holly Churches (who also plays the role of Ellie), George Magner and Tom Simpson.

The future of Independent Film and the Web-Series is growing stronger every year, with more and more access to disposable media and filmmaking equipment than ever before, as well as through the power of the web, what it truly takes is a unified sense of belief and passion in the project – to stop procrastinating, and to get writing, to get filming and get creating!

Ian Garforth adds:

“I believe internet filmmaking and independent distribution allows greater creativity through calculated risk-taking, and this has been at the heart of my approach. The future of independent filmmaking has never been brighter, and I have valued greatly the experience of being part of the beginning of a new media format in the form of the web series in 2014.”

Feather-Light and Paper-Thin will be released in spring 2015, and is set to premiere in Bristol.  Watch the trailer here: