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Bath Digital Festival Hub for Employers

Published on Friday, 24th October 2014
Digital agency Deep Blue Sky are recruiting and will be visiting Bath Digital Festival to connect with tech talent.

Bath and Bristol boasts some of Europe’s most creative digital talent - in fact, the untapped potential of the South West’s tech community was even picked up by Forbes earlier this year, hailed as ‘Britain’s best tech cluster’.

With such an active tech cluster right in our midsts, it’s no wonder the Bath Digital Festival is such a hotly-anticipated event. The week-long series of digital workshops and talks also plays host to the SPARKies, the South West’s Oscars of the tech-world, if you will.

Now in its third successful year, the Bath Digital Festival will be running events for anyone interested in the digital professional sphere, from an introduction to CSS coding to creating successful start-ups and how to take on an apprentice.

The festival allows local businesses to get involved and connect with the impressive network of tech talent in Bath and Bristol, with dozens of local people sharing their expertise with others. Chris McKirgan, developer at strategic web design agency, Deep Blue Sky, has been invited to share his knowledge on ‘Software as a Service’, something the digital world is increasingly providing for clients.

“I’m looking forward to delivering a talk at the Bath Digital Festival this year, but I’m even more excited to be able to take away new ideas and inspiration from other people’s contributions”, Chris said. “The festival is a great hub for anyone looking to employ new digital talent, or for people to come and network with potential employers. Deep Blue Sky are currently recruiting for several new developers, and we’re hoping to be able to connect with like-minded people interested in a new venture.”

The Bath Digital Festival runs from the 27th October to the 5th of November. Learn more about the Bath Digital Festival here. You can find out more about Deep Blue Sky’s career vacancies here.