image for Brand On Shelf wins DBA 2015 Design Effectiveness Award

Brand On Shelf wins DBA 2015 Design Effectiveness Award

Published on Friday, 24th October 2014
Cheltenham based BOS win DBA Award for the redesign of Wyld Wood Cider packaging

Given our belief in the power of packaging design alone to sell product and generate brand loyalty,we are delighted that the impact on sales of our redesign of the Wyld Wood cider packaging has been recognized with a DBA 2015 Design Effectiveness Award. Judged by business leaders and entered jointly by client and designer, the DBA Design Effectiveness Awards are both rigorous and authoritative. They celebrate the power of design to drive business success and provide compelling proof of why design is a sound commercial investment.

Wyld Wood is one of 3 brands in Weston’s portfolio of traditional premium ciders and the only organic cider in their total portfolio. The brand was suffering from the decline in sales of organic food and drink, as consumers became more price conscious in the recession. So in 2011 the decision was taken to redesign the packaging to make it look “less organic and crafty” and the “W” design was launched; however this sadly had no impact on consumer behaviour and sales continued to drop.

In 2012, with sales still falling, the Company took the brave decision to redesign yet again and asked Brand On Shelf to undertake a more consumer informed redesign of the packaging. This launched in 2013 and had far more rewarding results. The new design’s increased shelf presence and character led to more consumers buying more packs more regularly and eventually led to buyers in the multiples increasing distribution of the bottle.

Sales took an immediate upturn at launch and after a year in market, the new design had generated incremental sales of £230,136, against the original investment of £18,000 in design fees. This represents a 17% year on year value increase, which is in marked contrast to the previous year’s -5% year on year value decrease.

Indeed, sales have built incrementally through the year, with the latest 12 week figures showing a year on year increase of 46%

The level of consumer engagement the pack design has driven is further proven by a phenomenal rate of sale increase of 43%.

…Proof positive of the power of packaging to sell brands on shelf.