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CreativeFunding - Bristol-based open for business

Published on Thursday, 28th August 2014
Two Bristol entrepreneurs have launched a new crowd funding and lending platform for the creative sector, offering a way for people to fund creative ideas and social projects across the city.

Two Bristol entrepreneurs have launched a new crowd funding and lending platform for the creative sector, offering a way for people to fund creative ideas and social projects across the city.

Film producer Oliver Mochizuki and tech specialist Derek Ahmedzai have created to provide an additional source of funding for creative projects in a climate where lending has become restricted. They are now very much open for business and are inviting filmmakers, designers, producers, gamers, photographers, artists, writers and others in the creative sector across Bristol to use the platform and help bring their creative projects to life.

Whether you have idea that you are looking to develop, or are looking to raise £50 to £5,000 to produce your film, publish a novel or build an art installation Fundsurfer is simple to use.

You will need to have a UK bank account, and some ID to register your project, then the Fundsurfer team will help you get started and launch your campaign.

With a firm belief in crowdfunding being more than just raising funds, Fundsurfer will provide exclusive content, an extensive package of services and valuable support and advice through the Fundsurfer Academy and Fundsurfer Marketplace – access to workshops, events and discounted goods and services that will help your fundraising campaign activity.

The team will help you with your campaign promotion including advice on how to create compelling content including video and images to show what your project is all about. Then, Fundsurfer will share tips and tricks on making the most of your campaign on their blog and own social platforms.

Oliver Mochizuki, Fundsurfer co-founder and himself a film producer, said: “Working in the film industry, I know only too well how challenging it can be to raise funds for even the smallest project. So, we decided to something about it and created

We are based in Bristol so supporting local projects is a really important part of what Fundsurfer does and with such a vibrant creative network and community I’m sure they’ll be no shortage of projects we can support.”

In addition to Fundsurfer’s crowdfunding platform, they are also able to offer business loans for creative projects from £5,000 to £1M through peer-to-peer lending initiatives - an alternative source of finance to the high street banks, which many projects find hard to fund.

Though partnerships with a range of finance providers, all of who are experienced and supportive of creative and social projects, Fundsurfer Lending has access to multiple individuals who want to lend money at competitive rates. The process is straightforward, quick and flexible depending on what is required.

Paul Appleby, chair of Bristol Media, said: “Many funders, from venture capitalists to high-street banks still (wrongly) regard creative projects as high-risk, and yet many people would love to be involved in supporting a project, so crowd-funding is a real opportunity for creative projects.

It's a complex landscape, so being able to adapt the portfolio of approaches under the Fundsurfer banner means each project can build a model that is the best fit."

Bristol film maker Steve Timmins recently raised enough capital to complete his documentary film about Pro NHS’s two year campaign around NHS services in Bristol as one of the first projects to Fundsurfer, Steve adds: "This platform is simple and easy to use and even though I went to them knowing nothing about the process  the Fundsurfer team were happy to help me through every stage so that I was able to turn the vision into reality."

Fundsurfer also offers a 1% commission fee paid to curated partners and Fundsurfer community reps that identify and recruit partners and projects for the platform. This is a new and unique way to bring incentivise individuals, community groups and anyone interested in supporting new ideas in their local area.

For more information, contact the Fundsurfer team at

Fundsurfer has been supported by the Setsquared Partnership and Creative England.