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Can you coach a coder or designer?

Creative Skillset's undergraduate Apprenticeship in Interactive Design and Development.
Published on Friday, 15th August 2014
Help develop the next generation of creative tech heads and get involved with Creative Skillset's undergraduate Apprenticeship in Interactive Design and Development

Businesses operating in the digital space the length and breadth of the country admit that one of their biggest challenges is recruiting fresh new talent with the right skills. Demand for developers, UX Designers and Community Managers amongst other roles is set to rocket over the coming years. So in an effort stay competitive, more and more employers are looking into new ways of recruiting young talent with the potential to become accomplished, creative tech heads.

One fresh approach is using the new undergraduate Apprenticeship in Interactive Design and Development. The programme and associated on the job training was designed by industry and allows junior techs to hit the ground running, and ramp up their skills in record time. It could be a real game changer in helping to secure our domestic talent base, and for continued growth in the sector.

So problem solved right? Well no, not quite. Employers built this new undergraduate Apprenticeship, so we know the training fits; only we now need to ensure the way it’s delivered and assessed also fits, so the talent lives up to our expectations.

A number of forward thinking training providers are leading on delivery, but there is a shortage of Workplace Assessors (or Apprenticeship Coaches) with industry experience. So the call is out for people like you to join the cause!

Remember what it was like when you had your first proper job?

You may have been lucky enough to have been assigned a buddy, if not I bet you wish you had someone to show you the ropes. Whether your motivation is to put something back, grow our next generation of coders, develop your passion for coaching or learning and development, earn a little top up income in your spare time, take advantage of networking opportunities or just to be part of something special at ground level, we’d like to hear from you.

What exactly is involved?

Undergraduate apprentices are usually aged between 18-21, passionate about technology or design and keen to learn. They have some experience of design or code, and have decided against university to avoid large debt and be more hands on getting to grips with real work challenges.

An Apprenticeship Coach guides an Apprentice through assessments, as outlined in their training programme, marks them, advises on areas for improvement and helps plan ahead. They agree a plan of workplace visits (roughly 2-3 hours per Apprentice per month) to gauge progress towards achieving each module and the overall apprenticeship. There’s the opportunity to coach more apprentices – and it’s paid. (Although the going rate may not be as good as you’re used to, the personal reward tends to be far greater.)

Who could become a Workplace Assessor?

Anyone with an adequate amount of relevant industry experience – typically around five years, although there is flexibility. An assessor will need to complete a short professional vocational teaching qualification, which is nationally recognised, but you can do this on the job once you’ve started.

The kind of people that are likely to be interested in becoming an Apprenticeship Coach include:

  • Freelancers with a few hours to spare each month;

  • Code club volunteers interested in coaching over 18s;

  • Professionals who have taken an extended career break (e.g. parents);

  • Those working for start-ups looking for a little extra income or keen to support the cause without having to employ an apprentice themselves;

  • Agencies looking for a corporate social responsibility outlet, by encouraging staff to dedicate a few hours a month.

Interested – or know someone who is?

Please complete our short contact form, so we can put you in touch with your local training provider for more information.