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Employee Engagement Master Class

Published on Thursday, 26th June 2014
Forty people from agencies across Bristol attended our Employee Engagement Masterclass at Osborne Clarke and went away with fifty actionable tips to take away and implement.

Over forty people from creative agencies including e3, Creation Media, Proctor & Stevenson, Sift, Plaster, Robson Dowry, Koan, Kinneir Dufort, Positive and Bray Leino attended our first Master Class of 2014 focusing on the importance of Employee Engagement.

During the morning five speakers looked at different aspects of Employee Engagement including internal communications, how to attract great talent, why people join organisations but leave their managers and what some of the world's great leaders do to engage their employees. 

Richard Roberts, who runs HR consultancy en:Rich began by saying that there is a clear business case for focusing on your brand, culture and values and that all staff in your business should be made to feel that they own it.  Fraser Bradshaw, CEO of saintnicks agreed saying employee engagement it is not an option; staff need to feel that they are an intrinsic part of the success of a business and that a collegiate environment is often more successful than a corporate one.

Sue Palfrey & Claire Patterson of Home talked about the convergence of internal and external communications and the effect that employees using digital and social can have on your business.  TheirTop Ten tips were based on song titles, our favourite being "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice - The command and control era is over.  It's time to stop, collaborate and listen.  Your people are experts and ideas can come from anyone, anywhere.  Make space online and offline for people to work together and share their big ideas".

"Thanks for today, really interesting stuff.  This is the first Bristol Media Master Class Day I have been to and I was impressed.  The Top Ten Tips for each talk are really useful"

"Just to say, the Masterclass today was great, really great speakers and felt very enthusiastic afterwards."

Rachel Hibberd of Hobnob talked about why people join organisations, but leave managers and the importance of having engaging managers who focus their people and give them scope, treat their people as individuals and coach and stretch them.  And John Tarrant of DNA talked about how to attract, engage and most importantly retain the right people for your organisation.

"Excellent morning at the Bristol Media Master Class - lots of actionable tips to take away and implement"

"An interesting morning with Bristol Media. A fantastic session on employee engagements and communications"

The morning finished with a delicious lunch and networking and lots of positive feedback.  Many thanks go to everyone at Osborne Clarke for hosting the Master Class once again at their waterside offices and to Jon Craig for taking the photographs.