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Copyright, Trademarks and Patent Workshop for Creative and Technology sector

Published on Saturday, 31st May 2014
If you work in the creative and technology sector using third party software, images, brands or you create images, logos and brands, this is an essential workshop.

This is the second in a series of 2014 legal update workshops run by Rebecca Steer of Steer and Co.  This workshop takes place on Monday 16th June from 4-6pm in The Orangery at Goldbrick House and is aimed at anyone in the creative and technology sector who uses third party software, images, brands and other materials and/or who creates software, images, logos or brands.

The workshop will cover:

  • Update on recent relevant legislation changes and cases including: extension of copyright term for sound recordings, permitted use and associated legal consultations, hyperlinks and framing cases, communicating works to the public, BitTorent, websites which provide access to streamed films and TV Shows (Paramount Home), Infopaq cases, discussion on substantial works, fair dealing and private copying.
  • A summary of:
    • What are these rights?
    • When are they generated?
    • Examples of these rights in software and websites and references
    • Value of these rights and how to exploit them
    • The cost of protecting these rights as an asset of your business
    • What happens if you are infringing a third parties right?
    • What your contracts should say and how to minimise risk
  • Question and Answer session

By the end of the session you will:

  • Be up to speed on recent legislative changes and cases in this area to assist your business
  • Be able to identify the various different intellectual property rights relevant to your sector and area of work
  • Know how to register and protect these rights in the UK and worldwide
  • Know how to legally use intellectual property rights of a third party
  • Be able to react appropriately if someone is infringing your intellectual property rights
  • Be able to ensure your contracts minimise risk and protect your intellectual property rights.

Tickets are priced at £25+VAT for Bristol Media members and £40+VAT for non members.  To book your place email

Rebecca is also running a legal update workshop for Agencies on Monday 2nd June at Goldbrick House.