image for The Glitzch! The perfect stocking filler for mobile, digital and other marketers

The Glitzch! The perfect stocking filler for mobile, digital and other marketers

Published on Tuesday, 10th December 2013
The Glitzch! - an Adman's book on how predictive texting has become the scourge of our age - the perfect present for mobile, digital and other marketers everywhere

Inspired by a most familiar blunder of the technological age - when the pesky predictive text gremlin plays havoc with your sent messages - the hilarious new book Glitzch! boldly goes where most wouldn’t dare, tackling politics, religion, finance, sex, literature and everything in between with an impish disregard for political correctness. Meet Floral Nightgown (Florence Nightingale), Horny Nylons ( Horatio Nelson) and the Primary Monster (Prime Minister) amongst other notable characters.

Ballsy and bombastic, full of Freudian slips and Chaucerian bawdiness, and already being compared with Spooner, this is “Brutish hysteria” (British history) as you’ve never seen it before.

The Glitzch! author Hugh Kellett studied languages at Oxford and has been playing around with words in London advertising agencies most of his life. Starting his career in the heady days of the 70s at an American multi-national in London, he has been involved with TV, press, radio, poster and social media campaigns in many sectors from beer to beauty, food to financial, technology to travel, and pretty much everything in between. He has dealt with the foibles of government ministers and celebrity hairdressers in the UK, and spun the fables of Wall Street bankers and detergent salesmen in the US, representing them all in the noble art of myth making and marketing manipulation, most recently at the London offices of the international giant Publicis.

 Changes to the way we communicate with each other, the increasing role of technology in driving those changes and the startling unforeseen side effects of that technology, all struck him as worthy of the deep and serious study Glitzch!

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