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The new face of farming

Published on Monday, 9th December 2013
Taxi Studio create a new name and identity for Cornwall Farmers' group of country stores located through Cornwall and Devon

With increasing numbers of families and retirees being seduced by the idea of escaping to the country, the face of farming has well and truly changed. So as part of a £2.3 million modernisation programme designed to attract new consumers and build on an existing core farming customer base, earlier this year agricultural co-operative Cornwall Farmers appointed Taxi Studio to create a new name and identity for their group of country stores located through Cornwall and Devon.

Taxi devised the name ‘Patch & Acre’ which encompasses all aspects of country living, from industrious farmers with acres of land to gardening enthusiasts with small veg patches. The idea is echoed in the Patch & Acre brandmark - a tractor and wheelbarrow - communicating both the large-scale trade and smaller scale lifestyle aspects of the business whilst reinforcing Cornwall Farmers’ longstanding rural heritage.

Design Director Jonathan Turner-Rogers said: “Our main challenge was creating a brand that would attract a new lifestyle audience without alienating existing agricultural customers – in other words we didn’t want professional farmers thinking they were visiting a garden centre. Patch & Acre speaks to both parties, providing us a rich visual story that we’ve been able play out across a multitude of touchpoints both large and small.”

As well as the naming and identity work, Taxi’s involvement also covered internal communications, copywriting, point of sale, literature, stationery, wayfinding and website design.

Philip Klette, Head of Country Stores at Cornwall Farmers said: "Taxi Studio have delivered a bold, creative and innovative brand in Patch & Acre which sits well alongside our Cornwall Farmers brand. It has been a tremendous effort that has resulted in an outstanding brand identity. I’m delighted and proud of what has been achieved and we're only at the beginning of the journey."

The first store was opened by TV presenter and farmer Adam Henson this week with a more extensive roll out planned for next year throughout the South West.