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ClinkClink say Thank You Bristol

Published on Monday, 25th November 2013
Tim Ball, the Managing Director of successful brand experience company ClinkClink looks back on 15 years of doing business in Bristol
Recently there have been various articles in the press, highlighting the fact that Bristol is best – the best city to live in, the best city to work in and best city from an environmental perspective (Telegraph, The Drum).
Fifteen years ago, as a 22 year old with entrepreneurial aspirations I chose Bristol over London as the place to start my new enterprise – ClinkClink.  I chose it for some selfish reasons and some very practical reasons, but mostly I just took a punt on the place.
Being a boy from Devon, you could argue that Bristol is the ‘big smoke’ of the West Country and the obvious choice to run a brand experience agency, but in reality London is always perceived as the promised land. Bigger, brighter, better.  BUT the reality is that it is just so very expensive to set up operations there. I simply would have gone bust before I even got going.
Finances aside, the true beauty of Bristol became more apparent once I hit the ground. Smaller really is better (and I’m saying that at 6ft 3”) and smaller also meant easier when it came to navigating the enterprise initiatives (Brave), business opportunities and generally meeting people, great people, who have massively helped me on my way. Bristol is a city with a generous spirit.
Whilst I might have initially missed out on some of the bigger commercial opportunities that London may have presented to me, great opportunities did still come along, and they proved to be fantastic ones with which to build up a robust set of credentials.
But all this aside, what I love most about Bristol is that it is always given respect. You mention the place to clients, prospects, suppliers, potential employees, even Londoners, and everyone has a good word to say about it. Numerous reasons are cited, from the top notch communications and ease of reach to other European cities, to the creativity of the city (BBC, Aardman, See No Evil, Bristol Media), the outstanding science and technology expertise and the lower operating costs allowing us to be so much more competitive than our London based equivalents.  The Balloons, the green spaces, the green credentials and the gateway to our beloved beaches and countryside of Somerset, Devon & Cornwall.  Our robust housing market, our thriving economy, our independence, our Mayor, our cider … the list goes on (and on).
Bristol is now a place much less about the old merchants of the past and much more about the innovative, diverse, modern thinking city of the future, with a lot of great pubs and places to eat thrown into the mix too.
Bristol, the last fifteen years have been a privilege and you have delivered in abundance. Thank you.