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Trainee Finder opens for business in film, TV, games and animation

Published on Wednesday, 18th September 2013
Creative Skillset's Trainee Finder launches giving film, games and animation companies access to new trainees from a diverse talent pool

Trainee Finder offers film, TV, games and animation companies access to new trainees from a diverse talent pool and the opportunity to receive match funding to provide trainees with a training allowance.

As part of the Creative Skillset Skills Investment Fund (SIF), Trainee Finder has been developed in response to the industries needs to find passionate and committed individuals who are ready to learn in the workplace.  Trainee Finder offers flexible placements for graduates/new trainees to gain on the job experience as well as providing match funding to employers who are willing to take them on and provide high-quality placements and support their training costs.    

Companies can register at to access eligible individuals who have completed a relevant course and/or have two industry references from related work experience. The length of a trainee’s placement varies and trainees will receive an allowance from their host company

Trainee Finder is accessible to those companies contributing to the SIF via agreed industry collective arrangements.

Debbie Vertue, Director of Operations, Hartswood Films said: “The UK television industry already has an unsurpassed wealth of talented crews, technical skills and facilities, but it is vital we invest in new and emerging talent to maintain and build on our global reputation.  Trainee Finder is timely and wholly necessary for our TV industry.  It will create an accessible portal for entry level candidates to get their foot on the ladder, where they will be helped to find excellent training through industry schemes and be matched with companies and productions to make them ‘work ready’. Hartswood Films  are pleased to be ahead in showing our support for this exciting new scheme.”

Oli Hyatt, Co-Founder of Blue Zoo, Chair of Animation UK and one of the leading campaigners for the tax reliefs, said: “I am passionate about the UK animation industry and firmly believe in the importance of investing in our future talent. This country has an illustrious heritage in animation, a wealth of emerging young talent and is a major worldwide exporter of animation for TV but, until now, we were simply not competing on a level playing field with the rest of the world.  UK producers faced increasingly subsidised competition from overseas, we saw our top talent moving overseas and there was simply not enough investment in the next generation of animation producers.  Having successfully secured government approval for tax credits, the animation industry must ensure its workforce is skilled and ready to meet the predicted increase in production.”

Kate O’Connor, Executive Director at Creative Skillset said: “New talent with the passion and commitment to learn skills are the lifeblood of the creative industries and learning on productions or ‘on-the-job’ is one of the best ways of developing skills. Trainee Finder is vital in delivering training to the next generation and providing them with the skills to ensure the UK continues to be the world leader in the creative industries. The SIF has facilitated the development of Trainee Finder and two more SIF collective initiatives, the Challenge Fund and Commissioned Training, developed in response to identified industry needs, will launch shortly.”

Trainee Finder is part of the  Skills Investment Fund (SIF) programme administered by Creative Skillset. The SIF is funded by voluntary industry contributions with Government match funding to support  skills, talent and business development in the film,  TV, animation, games and VFX industries.  Each industry determines how it contributes to the SIF and employers who make a contribution gain access to the SIF’s talent, grants and training resources.