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Generation X, meet Generation Y?Engaging top talent

Published on Wednesday, 14th August 2013
In the second of a series on employer / employee engagement, Nick Dean looks at ways in which a business can achieve a highly productive work environment

Capitalising on the strengths of differing generations in the workplace is an opportunity not to be missed. But what are often the key characteristics and engagement techniques that’ll help bring energy, harmony and success to your workplace?

Widely available research indicates that Generation X strengths often lie in organisation, optimism and the willingness to work hard to get results. There’s an attitude of what you put in, you get out. Whilst Generation Y are very much in tune with technology, bring endless energy and have been raised with social activity at the core. They may also bring high expectations, the need for praise and swift career advancement.  Align the core approach and benefits from each of these generations and you’ve the potential for a highly productive working environment.

Creating a positive environment can be crucial to an organisation's success, increasingly so in a world where emerging and hard to find skill sets may lie at the heart of their business's product offering.  Tech start ups and high growth businesses take note. If you are to retain millennial talent they’ll want to be challenged, and have their skills developed in line with your businesses ambition and proposition.

Taking into account the differing generations, a one size fits all approach is unlikely to work. It’s all about being agile, about the person and the situation. Focussing on retaining top talent should be standard procedure, whilst focussing on entry level talent to understand their motivations and building an engagement career long strategy around them will pay dividends in the long term. If an employee is running faster than your business and they want to be cut free, it can be a very good thing to support them wilfully. They’re your brand ambassadors, well connected and social champions of your reputation.

A specific business challenge / project may benefit from the creation of an action team made up of a variety of employees, not only those you perceive to be the best. Define the boundaries and requirements, provide autonomy within a structured environment and track performance throughout the process. And don’t be afraid to ask your employees openly for their feedback. Listening to opinions about your products, services and environment, in fact any aspect of your business may provide inspiration. 

Employee engagement is a big topic, this is a bite sized blog piece. We hope it may just spark a thought that helps retain more of your employees. We’re always very happy to talk in much further detail; it’s what we’re here for.  

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