image for e3 launch new digital activity campaign for Kia's first high performance car

e3 launch new digital activity campaign for Kia's first high performance car

Published on Wednesday, 7th August 2013
Digital agency e3 are launching a new digital activity campaign for Kia Motors

Digital agency e3 have launched a new digital activity campaign for Kia Motors (UK) Limited, to promote the pro_cee’d GT – the Korean brand’s first-ever high performance car.

The new campaign features a multi-channel advertising campaign, including press and high impact digital media – with both standard and rich media video placements - featuring content which “skips through the boring bits” of a day in the life of an office worker in order to get to the real highlight at the end – leaving the office to drive the new pro_cee’d GT.

The campaign ensures a seamless customer experience across all platforms, including mobile and tablet, and incorporates the ‘skip’ mechanism throughout. An immersive parallax experience is provided on desktop.

The campaign will also drive users to established and proven platforms of iBrochures and the main website to accelerate interest in the model and generate customer interest, with the whole customer journey accessed from the same device from beginning to end.

e3 has fully updated the iBrochure concept for the pro_cee’d GT campaign, with new features including greater user interaction functionality, design enhancements, animated page reveals and car configurations; enabling customers to configure and share the Kia model of their choice with family and friends through social media channels. Other considerations include the ability to view videos and find nearest dealers, all within a beautifully crafted, rich experience.

The new pro_cee’d GT model is the first performance vehicle from Kia, offering a high level of performance, technology and comfort and e3’s overall approach to developing this latest digital campaign is reflective of the new exciting product.

Kim Wiggins, Digital Marketing Manager for Kia Motors (UK) Limited said:  "Kia has responded to the continual growth in the mobile market, by creating a digitally enriched experience with the launch of the new pro_cee’d GT. With our target audience heavily digitally focused, e3 has worked with us to create an immersive experience that truly reflects the excitement this new car brings.”