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I wish I'd done that

Published on Monday, 5th August 2013
Gail Parminter, copywriter and owner of ad agency Madwomen on her Top 5 Ad Campaigns.


Gail Parminter is the founder and creative director at Madwomen a consultancy founded to meet the needs of clients looking to communicate with women in new and better ways.

Here Gail looks at her Top 5 favourite ad campaigns aimed at women.

Adidas - all in for my girls

So many ads claim to 'celebrate modern womanhood' (Baileys, Asda, Fiat 500) but this one actually does.

Aldi campaign

A rare supermarket campaign that doesn't attempt to hold a mirror up to the woman doing the shopping. It doesn't need to, and it works. It's even got Waitrose shoppers going to Aldi.

Banned Rav 4 ad

Rarely do we see funny ads aimed at women - that's why I've chosen this banned ad for Rav 4. It's great because it uses hyperbole to get the message across that both men and women enjoy driving.


A bank ad that at least attempts to turn gender stereotyping on it's head. 10/10 for trying.

Bodyform responds

My list wouldn't be complete without Bodyform Responds - women love it because it's funny and acknowledges that sanpro ads usually ignore the reality of periods. I do take issue that it took a man to write in before they reacted; women have been moaning about these ads for years with nobody taking any notice.