image for PRCA launches DARE Awards in Bristol

PRCA launches DARE Awards in Bristol

Published on Tuesday, 16th April 2013
Guy Black and Peter Chadlington to lead panel of judges at Bristol's PRCA DARE Awards

Huntsworth CEO Lord Chadlington has praised the ‘skilled generalists’ of regional PR as he prepares to speak at PRCA DARE South West and Wales on 27 June.

The DARE Awards are five new day-long events being held across the UK, which aim to bring a more senior level of appraisal than previously seen at regional PR Awards.

The DARE Awards judging panel will be co-chaired by Chadlington and Executive Director of the Telegraph Media Group Lord Black, leading a host of well-known communications experts from agencies and in-house teams – click here for the full list.

Chadlington told PRCATV that regional PR should be taken more seriously: "People think that because you're working in Nottingham, Leeds, Manchester or Scotland, your standards can't be as high as they are in London - and that is absolute arrant nonsense.

“Very often the skills are greater, because you have to go across all of the methods of communication and PR and not concentrate on one, which makes you a skilled generalist, and I think that is a unique and very special advantage in the modern world.”

Huntsworth, which owns Grayling, is a listed international public relations group, which now has over 1,600 people, operating from 70 principal offices in 31 countries around the world. 

The DARE Awards will feature just ten entry categories. Submissions for entry can come from individuals, consultancies and in-house teams from both the public and private sector. For further information and to submit your entries, please go to /dareawards.

DARE Awards South West and Wales in Bristol takes place on 27 June, and the deadline for entries is 26 April.