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New game from ARKive challenges kids to become science superheroes

Published on Tuesday, 12th March 2013
Team WILD is a free online web-game commissioned by ARKive and based on the real activities of conservations scientists across the globe.

Team WILD is a free, online web-game commissioned by ARKive and based on the real activities of conservation scientists across the globe.

Designed to get Key Stage 3 pupils interested in careers in science and technology, the game comprises four separate endless runner style game mechanics set in exotic locations like the jungles of Montserrat and the coral reefs of the Chagos.

"In the current climate jobs are hard to come by, but those within STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) remain strong." says Lucie Muir, Education Manager at the Bristol based charity. "This is a great way for kids to engage with some real challenges faced by scientists, and will hopefully inspire them to pursue careers in science and conservation."

Team WILD is produced by specialist games studio Thought Den, who previously worked with ARKive on the mobile app 'Survival'.

“We’re trying to dispel the image that all scientists wear white coats,” says George Rowe, Producer at Thought Den “When we tested the game in local schools even the younger kids could easily understand the scientific work represented. Games are a great way of communicating quite complex ideas easily.”

The game was developed as part of National Science and Engineering week, and will hopefully help inspire the David Attenborough and Brian Coxs of the future.

Play Team WILD here: