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Hidden Bristol for iPhone

Published on Thursday, 7th March 2013
Award-winning digital agency Gravitywell are excited to announce their new iPhone app, Hidden Bristol.

Award-winning digital agency Gravitywell are excited to announce their new iPhone app, Hidden Bristol.

Fuelled by their passion for what they humbly dub ‘the best city in the world’, the development of the Hidden Bristol app was a labour of love for Gravitywell. The team previously produced the popular Banksy London Tour and Banksy Bristol Tour apps, and are currently working on a top secret project around Bristol’s evolving music scene.

Whether they’re locals or first-time visitors, users of the app are certain to find original and unconventional places to visit and enjoy. Each location includes photographs, a full description and tips. The app is also fully integrated with maps and GPS, so users can quickly find interesting venues nearby when they’re out and about in the city.

Inspired by Bristol’s industrial past, the app takes on an early 1900s ‘pocket book’ look and feel. The guide is hosted by Brunel the Squirrel, a furry lover of top hats and curiosities with insider knowledge of the city. Hidden Bristol aims to be a real alternative to uninspiring guidebooks—both in content and appearance.

While the app already has over 50 venues and locations, users are also submitting their own via the app. As an incentive, ten pounds - in the city’s alternative currency, the Bristol Pound – is offered to users that suggest the most interesting venues. Restaurants, clubs and bars that accept the Bristol Pound are also prominently marked within the app, acting as a useful directory for the Bristol Pound-loving locals.

With Hidden Bristol, Gravitywell are hoping to give back to the city they love - by promoting the city’s lesser known independent restaurants, bars and venues; and by supporting the circulation of the Bristol Pound.

The app currently has a 5/5 rating on the iTunes App Store.

Hidden Bristol features:

  • From the creators of the popular Banksy London and Banksy Bristol apps, both featured in Apple’s ‘New and Noteworthy’. Banksy London was also nominated for the Appsters Awards 2012 and the Media Innovation 2012 Awards!
  • Unique and user-friendly 1900s ‘pocket book’ look.
  • Fully integrated with maps.
  • Currently 50+ locations.
  • Constantly updated – aiming to become a comprehensive source for ‘alternative’ venues.
  • Includes bonus tips from Brunel the Squirrel! Brunel can also be found on twitter: @hiddenbristol.

About Gravitywell

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