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Copyright, trademarks and patent workshop

Published on Thursday, 14th March 2013
Workshop with Steer & Co covering IP, Copyright, Patent and Trademarks

This is the third in a series of legal workshops given by Rebecca Steer of Steer & Co.  This two hour session will be looking in depth at Intellectual Property rights and is valuable information for anyone working in the creative and technology sectors who uses third party software, images, brands and other materials and/or who creates software, images, logos or brands.

The workshop will take place in The Loft at Goldbrick House on Monday 3rd June from 1600-1800 and costs £25.00+VAT for members and £40+VAT for non-members.

The workshop will cover:

  • What are intellectual property rights?
  • When and how are they generated?
  • How to register and protect these rights.
  • Examples of these rights in software and websites and references to the latest case law
  • Examples of these rights in well known brands and images
  • The value of these rights and how to exploit them
  • How to protect these rights as an asset of your business
  • Ideas and pitches
  • What happens if you are infringing a right belonging to a third party?
  • What is “fair use” of third party rights?
  • What your contracts should say to protect your intellectual property rights and how to minimise risk relating to your intellectual property rights.
  • Question and Answer session.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Be able to identify the various different intellectual property rights relevant to your sector and area of work
  • Know how to register and protect these rights in the UK and worldwide
  • Know how to legally use intellectual property rights of a third party
  • Be able to react appropriately if someone is infringing your intellectual property rights
  • Be able to ensure your contracts minimise risk and protect your intellectual property rights.

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