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Top 10 SEO Tips for 2013

Published on Tuesday, 29th January 2013
Bristol based SEO Agency Digirank explore ten ways to ensure your SEO strategy is ready for 2013

SEO is a fast-moving industry which shows no sign of slowing down. After a flurry of major algorithm updates over the last two years, it is more important than ever to keep your SEO strategy up to date. In this article Bristol-based SEO agency Digirank explore 10 ways to ensure your SEO strategy is ready for 2013.

1. Content, Content, Content!

SEO in 2013 will be focussed on the user experience and creating quality content which will be shared organically online. The idea is that the web traffic will follow naturally – if you create stuff people will actually want to see, your business will benefit from the increase in visitors.

2. Use Social Media

Social Media is one of the best ways for Google to determine whether a website is useful and engaging to its readers. The way people are using Facebook and Twitter are changing, and Google is now taking more notice of social signals than ever. In short, if you want to rank highly, you must have a social presence.

3.  Don’t Ignore Mobile Search

With an increasing number of people using their mobile devices for accessing the internet, Google is expected to take the user experience of websites on mobiles into account. If you have a sleek site, but no version for mobiles or tablets, expect to be punished in the SERP’s.

4.  Ensure Your Google Listing Looks Good

With Google having already launched a range of structured data options pulling through information such as authors, reviews, recipes and events, it is anticipated that there will be more in 2013 to change the way search engine results look. Expect more options and higher degree of customisation when using mark-ups. If you are looking to mark-up your site, is a great place to start. And don’t forget to test your mark up in the structured data testing tool, now available in Webmaster tools.

5.  Be Aware of Tailored Search Results

With YouTube and Google Adwords already putting emphasis on network activity, there is now a greater community based aspect to the search engines. In the future, your results won’t just be about what you type in, it’ll be about your online persona and how you have built this up through your activity and search history.

6.  Engage Your Visitors

With Google +, Google Authorship and an increase in social media integration, Google in 2013 will be focussed on the user experience and the way consumers interact with the businesses and brands they follow.

7.  Video and Multimedia Optimisation

With YouTube continuing to hold its own as a search engine in its own right, and Vimeo creating beautifully creative content which is continually shared and re-shared, it stands to reason that Google takes notice of videos in the SERPs. Ensure that your videos are optimised and open to indexing by Google.

8.  Adjust Your Keyword List to Accommodate Voice Search Terms

Since the advent of Siri and Google Voice Search, voice search has become a plausible way of finding information and search results online. It is expected that this will be developed to allow complex queries and search requests in many different settings - even in your own home. Voice search terms are typically longer than traditional keywords, so be sure to include long-tail terms in your keyword list.

9.  Do Not Ignore Previous Google Algorithm Updates

The SEO world has had two major shake-ups in the past 2 years – Google Panda hit in April 2011 and Google Penguin struck sites in April 2012. However these updates are far from over. Google Panda (now on its 24th update) has already had a significant refresh in January 2013 and a Penguin refresh is surely to follow. Do not revert back to old-hat SEO strategies just because the buzz around Panda and Penguin has died down.

10.  Branch Out to Other Search Engines

Finally, what does the future hold for Google itself? With Facebook’s search engine implementation improving, and other social networks providing a platform for users to find what they’re looking for in a number of different ways, is there a time we’ll see the whole search engine world changing completely? Possibly not this year, but only time will tell.

These suggestions offer a glimpse into the future of SEO, but nobody yet knows when that future will become a reality. For the meantime, the speculation should keep us all on our toes and able to get the best out of our online marketing strategies.

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