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Growth Accelerator

Published on Thursday, 13th December 2012
Growth Accelerator is an new and affordable partnership between private enterprise and government that will help England's brightest growing businesses achieve their ambitions with rapid, sustainable growth.

Growth Accelerator is a new service that will help England's brightest growing businesses achieve their ambitions with rapid, sustainable growth. It’s a partnership between private enterprise and government. And it’s affordable.

GrowthAccelerator has a nationwide network of over 800 experts, people who’ve started, managed and grown highly successful businesses in a wide range of market sectors. These experts work side by side with leaders of high-growth potential SMEs to provide them with the know-how and ability to achieve sustainable growth.

The service will help discover the real issues that could be holding businesses back, define the right growth plan and open doors to world class business experts and networks.

Commercialise innovation

Growth Accelerator experts will work with you to spot the opportunities to create new, improved products and services to secure your competitive edge.

Business development

They can help to change behaviours and improve business performance by transferring skills and knowledge in to your business. They'll also help you to create and implement a high growth strategy to keep you focused on your goals. 

Access to finance

They work alongside you to improve your investment readiness and become more attractive to new sources of finance. 

Develop leadership skills

Growth Accelerator works with business owners and leaders refining skills and competencies in order for them to direct and develop their own teams more effectively. 

The extent of their network means you’ll be matched with an expert who really understands your business. They’ll start by working closely with you to discover fresh, powerful insights into your growth.

Armed with those insights, your expert will build a growth plan, connecting you with all the support you’ll need to set you on a path to faster growth.

Whatever businesses need to speed and sustain growth, GrowthAccelerator will help drive them forward.

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