An Evening with TV Psychic Ralph Keeton

Where: Avon Gorge Hotel, Princes Buildings, BS8 4LD

When: 16 July 2011 6:00pm to 9:30pm

SOMETHING TO RAISE YOUR SPIRITS Famous TV Medium visiting Bristol raising funds for charity Looking for an evening out of the ordinary? Why not take a trip to The Avon Gorge Hotel, Princes Buildings, Bristol to see a rare visit by one of the UK's top psychic mediums, Ralph Keeton, who will be appearing there ???live??? (if you???ll pardon the pun) on July 16 at 7.45pm but please be sure to arrive at 7pm for a canapé reception. Ralph???s commitment to charitable work is shown once again as he will be donating skilled time and raising much needed funds at his evening of Mediumship for The Jessie May Trust. 'To be told that your child will die before you is every parent???s worst nightmare. For many families in the local area, this is a reality. Some of these children will die when they???re very young; others will deteriorate slowly over a number of years, and their full-time care usually falls to parents who have to cope ??? 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Jessie May Trust recognises that the whole family is under huge emotional and physical strain. Through our team of dedicated Children???s Nurses and Nursery Nurses we provide specialist care and support to help alleviate some of this pressure. This support is provided in the comfort of the family???s own home whenever possible from the time of diagnosis onwards. Each child is central to the service we provide and we believe in helping our children reach their potential and to make the most of the precious time they have. The care we provide is holistic and family-centred, working closely with other professionals involved in supporting the family to ensure continuity of care and that all needs are met, whether physical, emotional, social or spiritual.' See for yourselves Ralph Keeton???s extraordinary psychic abilities and communication between two worlds which continues to give fascinating and very intriguing revelations from the other side. Ralph uses his gifts on two levels - Mediumship - to receive information from those who have passed over; and Sensory Energies providing life guidance to others using psychic intuition. Ralph has a down to earth attitude and realistic views to help with the public???s questions and believes he is in an incredibly lucky position ???Being able to advise those that have passed on, as well as, those that are here today is phenomenally rewarding???. Ralph has recently been filmed on tour with other mediums for ITV???s Show People, Channel 5???s ???Hell on earth??? and for the BBC with Joe Swash in ???I Believe???. He is a skilled artist as well as a medium and astounded the audiences with drawn evidence of his communication with the spirits of their friends and relatives. He has also recently been working with the BBC on a 12 hour live show. The highlight in his career, however, was receiving a telephone call from Sony Films asking him whether it was possible to film him during an exorcism. The answer was yes, which resulted in Ralph being filmed for his own true life documentary, thus allowing Sony???s forthcoming children???s blockbuster, Monster House, directed by Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis to have a that real true to life background. The exorcism took place in a not so normal home and Ralph soon had the crew???s nerves on edge as he began unearthing secrets which were not in the public domain or knowledge, in fact only the family owning the property could have known. These included the death of a woman buried in the properties footings and a spirit of an evil man who roamed the upper rooms. Ralph also picked up on a hidden staircase where an unfortunate ???Pink Lady??? had been walled in and left to die, confirmed by seeing her spirit sitting by a window combing her hair - again things only the owners and a small circle of senior staff knew about. So why not come along and join Ralph for an exciting evening of first-class mediumship. If it all proves too much of a strain on your nerves, you can always revive yourself with spirits of a different sort in the bar afterwards. Entrance is by ticket only and tickets can be booked online through Ralph???s website ( but early booking is recommended as it is expected the show will sell out very quickly. Ends/

Entry Cost: £12.50

Posted by: Toni Cook | 22-06-2011

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