Make yourself Memorable

Where: St Nicholas House, 31 34 High St, Bristol, BS1 2AW

When: 22 June 2011 1:00pm to 4:30pm

Do you struggle to succinctly answer the what-do-you-do question? Is your answer often met with that "glazed" look? Do you really want to generate more business through word of mouth? Think about the last networking event you went to... who do you remember meeting? My guess is that you might be struggling to remember more than a handful. Let's face it, we meet a lot of people at networking events. And unless we're remembered by key people, then we'll be missing valuable opportunities. This workshop goes through the 7 ways we remember information and how that can be applied to your networking conversations. This Bristol-based session aims to improve your chances of referrals from the moment you open your mouth. By the end of the afternoon you will have: Three succinct and interesting introductions that you feel confident using. Targeted messages which have been tried and tested with fellow delegates. A formula for telling credibility-boosting stories that prove you will make a difference. A memorable metaphor to illustrate your offering or positioning An understanding of how to avoid being remembered for the wrong reasons Spent time working on your own business with the help of other professionals Developing and deepening relationships takes time. But it takes a lot less time, when the key people actually remember who you are and the value you create. Owing to the small numbers in the session, only 2 members from any one agency may attend. If you're concerned that a consistent message isn't currently being conveyed by your client facing staff, please contact me as I can run a tailored session for you in house. Time: 2.00 to 5.30pm For more information please call 0117 315 8531, 07855 105 865, to book "Make yourself memorable is a valuable lesson on how to make that vital first impression. My opening statements now convey what I always wanted to say, but in a more structured and flowing format. A very worthwhile session which I recommend to all my team." Adam Bamford, Area Premier Manager, HSBC "I really liked the fact that all the advice was very down-to-earth and natural. You gave us some key phrases that we could weave into conversations in a natural way, rather than some horribly polished 'elevator pitch' that sounds like marketing-speak. I used some of the techniques at an event and now have a meeting with an MD of a firm who I???ve been trying to meet for sometime now. " Caroline Gourlay, Business Psychologist

Entry Cost: £100

Posted by: Melissa Kidd | 19-05-2011

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