PR 4 Books

Where: Wine Street Business Centre, 1st Floor Prudential Buildings, BS1 2PH

When: 07 April 2011 8:30am to 12:30pm

Ready to take your book to the next level? PR 4 Books is an exclusive workshop, in which Palamedes PR will share their secrets with a small group of new authors, seasoned writers and literary agents in Bristol. The workshop will teach you how to promote your novel, memoirs, poetry or short stories. It will provide you with practical advice and exercises to ensure you walk away with the tools you need to publicise your work. According to UNESCO, over 200,000 books are published each year in the UK, so it???s crucial you have a plan to get yours noticed. Blogs and other forms of digital marketing has created a great means of communicating with your audience, allowing you to engage, interact and connect with your readers, creating likeability for you and your book. In order to make serious sales, you also require credibility; this comes from being featured in national newspapers and magazines, speaking on National Radio and having your book reviewed by trusted people. Sound scary? Well it really isn't, gaining yourself publicity on and off line is possible, and, if achieved, is a wonderful recipe for launching your book to success. Upon attending the PR 4 Books Workshop, you will walk away with an understanding of: How to identify your USP and get your book noticed How to identify your target audience How to launch your book into the media The Consumer Thought Process The do???s and don???ts of News copy writing Blogging and the world of Digital Marketing Who should attend? Anyone thinking of writing a book; authors; self-publishers; publishing houses and literary agents. Who are Palamedes PR? Palamedes PR are Global publicity experts, securing more column inches for authors in the National Press than any other book PR agency in the UK. Tickets Just 10 tickets are going on sale. This is a unique opportunity for Bristol, where a small group will be taught all there is to know about PR 4 Books.

Entry Cost: £59.95

Posted by: Kerry Hale | 24-02-2011

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