Tony Sinden: Early Works

Where: Picture This, Mardyke Ferry Road, BS1 6UU

When: 03 July 2010 12:00pm to 07 August 2010 5:30pm


03 July – 07 August 2010

Thurs – Sat, 12-5.30pm

Picture This presents the exhibition Tony Sinden: early works as a starting point from which to appraise the practice of an artist who was key to developments in both artists??? film, expanded cinema and ??? critically ??? site specific and large scale multimedia installations.

Tony Sinden is increasingly considered a prominent figure within the development of British moving image – producing a body of innovative work throughout his career until his premature death in 2009. Sinden’s practice spanned four decades of substantial production, experiment and exhibition. He worked across a range of mediums: single screen 16mm, expanded 16mm, video, installation, slide and site related practices. His works reflect a sculptural use of video and questions of media, materials, time and space.

Picture This has a very special relationship with Tony Sinden, commissioning him to produce new works (Ancestral Voices 1993 and Dichotomy 2000) and working with him on his projects for almost fifteen years.

Entry Cost: free

Posted by: Beth Alden | 23-06-2010

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