Idea to the Page to the Screen: Fearless Writing for the Passionate Screenwriter

Where: London and Oxford, UK, TBC, W1A 1AA

When: 06 March 2010 12:00pm to 14 March 2010 12:00pm

Julie Gray, top US Script Consultant, is coming to the UK in March to teach her Warner Brothers workshop ‘From Idea to the Screen to the Page’. Weekend dates in London (6th & 7th) and Oxford (13th & 14th). To celebrate, Julie’s giving away one of her in-demand ‘Brainstorming Sessions’ (via Skype), valued at £63, plus an Amazon gift certificate of £17, AND your choice of three of Julie’s podcasts.

Julie Gray is the founder of The Script Department, Hollywood???s premier script coverage service. She also directs the Silver Screenwriting Competition and consults privately with a wide variety of writers and teaches classes at Warner Bros, The Great American PitchFest, The Creative Screenwriting Expo and San Francisco University in Quito, Ecuador. Julie lives in Los Angeles, California; her book Just Effing Entertain Me is slated for release in late 2010.

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Idea to the Page to the Screen: Fearless Writing for the Passionate Screenwriter

This fun, participatory and packed two-day workshop is designed to help aspiring screenwriters learn the tools necessary to not only test ideas for originality but also to outline effectively and write unforgettable characters. Writers will participate in brainstorming exercises, learn about writing cinematically, and come away recharged, inspired and armed to write awesome pages.

Day two focuses on strategies for breaking into Hollywood: Learn how to sell both your writing and yourself. We???ll discuss agents, managers, competitions, queries and the art of pitching. Role-playing and practice pitching in a supportive environment will help you gain the confidence you need to build your career AND the professionalism, playfulness and fresh perspective you need to stay sane and happy while doing so.

Entry Cost: To be confirmed

Posted by: Julie Gray | 23-02-2010

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