Agency Benchmarks

Where: Square Club, 15 Berkeley Square Bristol, BS8 1HB

When: 20 February 2019 6:00pm to 10:00pm

As well as networking with like-minded agency owners, at every Agency Collective event you'll have a chance to hear from an expert in their field - someone with specific knowledge that will help your agency be the best.

At this event, we will be hearing from Peter Czapp. Peter is co-founder of The Wow Company, a proactive accountancy practice that advises over 400 agencies across the UK, and also co-founder of The Agency Collective.

Peter spends his days hanging out with the UK's top-performing agencies, helping them grow more profitably and sustainably. Peter knows what makes agencies tick and what differentiates the good from the truly great.

Peter also runs the UK's largest survey of independent agency owners and will be sharing the very latest benchmark stats from Wow's 2019 survey, including benchmarks that you won't have heard anywhere else (a whole month before they are published to the rest of the world).

3 things you'll leave with

- Winning new business - what works and what doesn't

- How agency owners spend their time - and how they'd like to spend it

- Tips to improve your cash flow - to help you sleep better at night


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Entry Cost: £129 + VAT

Posted by: Anne Harlow | 12-02-2019

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