Where: Amdaris, Aurora, Finsels Reach, Counterslip, BS1 6BX

When: 24 April 2019 9:00am to 12:30pm

The second in our Effectiveness Series workshops focuses on pricing approach and confidence, and has been developed by two of Bristol Media's approved Business Consultants and Coaches as part of an ongong programme aimed at helping Creative Businesses develop their talent and deliver higher performance in the South West.

There are many factors that affect our approach when it comes to pricing, from the fear of losing a pitch, to the fear of losing an existing piece of business, and sometimes the fear of having an awkward conversation. 

This half-day interactive workshop will help creative business professionals understand the implications of their pricing approach and every day decisions they make on the bottom line and client relationships. We’ll share different pricing models, strategies and tactics, as well as practical advice on ways to communicate them effectively without compromising relationships. This will ultimately deliver a positive impact on your profitability, with immediate effect.

Course Structure

  • Current pricing challenges and measures of success
  • Common mistakes creative businesses make
  • Understanding the numbers and the impact of pricing decisions on your bottom line 
  • Bridging the confidence gap – cost, price and value
  • Pricing models, strategies and tactics
  • Communicating with confidence

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone responsible for developing price proposals within creative businesses and agencies – mid weight to senior levels

The Benefits

  • Increased pricing confidence
  • Immediate impact on your bottom line in future pricing conversations 
  • Provides useful models, strategies and tactics that you can take away and use straight away
  • Improved individual performance 

The Price

£95.00+VAT for Bristol Media members // £115.00+ VAT for non-members. Booking is via Eventbrite

Thank you very much to our hosts Amdaris, who have enabled us to use their wonderful space at no cost, ensuring we can keep the prices as low as possible for our delegates. 

Amdaris develop exceptional software in partnership with their clients. The business comprises talented individuals, who deliver on software projects using established agile processes: www.amdaris.com


Entry Cost: £95+VAT for Bristol Media members // £115.00+ VAT for non-members

Posted by: Mette Davis | 19-03-2019

Contact the event organiser: mette.davis@gmail.com