Where: Artswork Media, Unit 7.02, Paintworks Central Trading Estate, Bath Road, Bristol, BS4 3EH

When: 20 November 2018 6:00pm to 8:45pm



A chance for the creative sector and the local community to engage and collaborate with the dynamic media research at Bath Spa University. 

Gender diversity in front of and behind the screen: How can multi-media creative practices offer new ways to engage with diversity in media production?

Exploring how a range of multi-media creatives practices like documentary, YouTube, film festivals and podcasts can be used to undertake socially-engaged research and media production about gender and diversity, We Make Stuff: Film & Social Context is the next in the Centre for Media Research’s public engagement event series.

The event will consist of presentations and screenings delving into current projects through which different media and production practices - spanning fiction film, documentary, podcasts and festivals - have been used to conduct and engage with issues of gender, diversity, and infertility in the media.

Presentations will be followed by an interactive podcast-making workshop, where attendees will learn the do’s and don'ts of making a podcast before working together to create a live podcast debating how the podcast process can be a new way of exploring diversity in media production. Attendees will also get the chance to explore new ways of using podcasts in their own projects. The workshop will be led by Edward Tristram, Lecturer in Post Production Audio.

Featured work:

Rebecca Feasey, Senior Lecturer in Film and Media, and Claire Levy, Senior Lecturer in Film, will present Infertility, the Media and Me, a short documentary that looks at age-related (in)fertility to uncover why women are routinely ill-informed about the infertility and pregnancy loss. The film considers what role and responsibility the media has in helping to inform, communicate and educate women as to the lived reality of family planning.

Ann-Marie McCormack, Senior Lecturer in Scriptwriting and Film, will examine gender through two different creative media forms. Hot in Here, a short film, explores a young man’s desire to have a baby and the lengths he goes to to find his ideal partner. Tell Me About...Gender, a filmed podcast available on Ann-Marie’s YouTube channel, explore gender through four young people’s stories on reassignment, gender fluidity and cross-dressing, all debated in a candid and refreshingly light-hearted way.

Ruth Farrar, Senior Lecturer in Creative Media and Enterprise, will present work from the Shextreme Film Festival, the world’s first film festival dedicated to celebrating women in extreme sports and adventure. Shextreme seeks to showcase all kinds of innovative creative content including films, adventure poetry, photography, podcasts, blogs and non-fiction books which celebrate women in adventure.

Please book your free ticket via the Eventbright page here, or contact Matt Freeman (m.freeman@bathspa.ac.uk) for more information

Entry Cost: free event

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