Designing Conversations

Where: cxpartners, 2 College Square, BS1 5UE

When: 11 September 2018 6:00pm to 9:00pm

How will artificial intelligence change the ways we interact? Join us at 'Designing Conversations' with Giles Colborne at cxpartners in Bristol on Tuesday 11 September.

How will artificial intelligence change the ways we interact with computers and organisations?

This presentation looks beyond the hype to examine what artificial intelligence really is, and the promise and pitfalls of applying it in the interactions and services we design. It unpacks the psychology of human conversation and shows how you can turn this into design principles for more satisfying user experiences.

Come and hear from Giles Colborne, network together, have a drink and meet the BIMA team at this free event at 6pm on Tuesday 11 September.

Entry Cost: Free

Posted by: Jan Carlyle | 01-08-2018

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