Lunch With Anand - Innovative Marketing!

Where: Beatroot Cafe, 20-21 Lower Park Row, Bristol, BS1 5BN

When: 28 September 2017 7:00am to 7:00am

Lunch With Anand – Innovative Marketing!

Anand is an Audience Expert at Rixxo. He is passionate about educating brands on how they can drive more revenue, engagement and brand equity through simple marketing hacks, and captivating campaigns. Anand helps brands like BoohooRiver Island and Travelzoo to tell better stories.

Rixxo, Bristol’s leading creative agency, is on a mission to redefine audience engagement.

Is this lunch for you?

  • Seeking solutions to any marketing / digital challenges?
  • Looking for creative inspiration?
  • Need a fresh perspective on your brand’s activity?
  • Finding it challenging to engage your audience?
  • Just want a free lunch?

Join In.

Think of this as an opportunity to learn new marketing hacks and impress your team back at HQ.

If you have any questions that need answering or ideas that you wish to discuss, then we would love to hear from you in advance so we can prepare some feedback.

Do something different and bring some zest to your organisation!


It’s completely free.

Register now and join us at Rixxo, for lunch with Anand!

Entry Cost: Free!

Posted by: Anand | 13-09-2017

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