Is the traditional agency model dead? - Bristol

Where: Bray Leino Yucca, 4 Brighton Mews, BS8 2NW

When: 19 September 2017 6:00pm to 8:30pm

With new agency models evolving along with brands' expectations, is it time to consign the traditional agency model to history? Hear both sides from Andrews Property, Bristol Business School, Prophecy Unlimited and more. 

The traditional agency model is under threat.

Retainers are out, and project work is in. Evolving technology and a new breed of clients and consumers means the agency has to evolve.

In-brand models adopted by the likes of WPP and Oliver, or new ways to link independent agencies like Paul Hammersley's Harbour idea robustly challenge the status-quo.

Hear from agencies which have reinvented themselves, to explain why and how, and from clients who will share what they want.

You'll hear from:

  • Chair Dwain Thomas, Bray Leino Yucca's strategy and innovation director
  • Kevin Mason, planning director at Proctor + Stevenson
  • Peter Brown, CEO of Prophecy Unlimited
  • Nick Moir, Head of Marketing at Andrews Property Group
  • Dr. Mario Vafeas, senior lecturer marketing, Bristol Business School

Is there life in the old agency yet?

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Entry Cost: Free event

Posted by: Andrew Buffrey | 31-08-2017

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