Transform your data into a revenue generator

Where: Six, The Old Chapel, 16 Oakfield Road, Bristol, BS8 2AP

When: 20 September 2017 7:00am to 7:00am

Do you want to explore the potential of your business data?

Do you want to build a business dashboard or data tool for your business?

Not sure where to start?

Then this is the workshop for you.

Building brilliant data tools and dashboards can be a tricky task. You will want to create data tools that are accurate, intuitive, up-to-date, look great and are used regularly. But sometimes things can go wrong…

There are some common challenges, and hurdles to overcome, when building data tools, including:

  • Multiple different data sources
  • Data quality issues
  • Unclear business requirements
  • Expensive technology solutions
  • Complex data analytics
  • Poor dashboard design

And sometimes you can end up building a dashboard or data tool that isn’t valued or used by your business. But these challenges can be overcome. If you go about it in the right way.

We’ll share a ten-step process that will enable you to create data tools and dashboards, for your business, in the most efficient way. Starting with your individual business requirements, we’ll share a robust process that you can follow to build your own data tools when you get back to the office. We will share examples, from a wide range of different companies and sectors, to bring the workshop concepts to life.

Come and join us - you’ll learn a lot and you’ll have a lot of fun!

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Entry Cost: £20.00

Posted by: Helen Tanner | 05-09-2017

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