How to find clients: marketing strategies and campaign plans - SOLD OUT

Where: Zone, The Brewhouse, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0EQ

When: 06 June 2017 9:30am to 1:00pm

If you’re part of the leadership team in a fee-based business, you’ll know that having a strong and steady pipeline of paid client work coming in is essential for your firm’s health and wellbeing. For yours too, if the fear of your project pipeline drying up keeps you awake at night. All creative firms need a robust marketing strategy and plan in place, but very few have them. What does your own look like? Is it based on your firm’s vision, values and purpose? Is it firmly embedded into your overall business strategy? Are you 100% clear about your firm’s positioning in the marketplace? Who exactly are your target markets, both demographically and psychographically? What are your universal, generic and specific propositions, or benefits? How will potential clients even know that you exist, let alone understand how good you are? Who’s going to do your marketing: what, when, where and how often? Which marketing tools work best for creative businesses? How much will it all cost? And how do you put a plan together? For help with answers to these questions and a whole lot more, come and spend a morning with Shan Preddy at this acclaimed Preddy&Co masterclass

Cost: £60+VAT for Bristol Media members // £85.00+ VAT for non-members

10% discount if you book all three workshops at the same time.

Entry Cost: £60+VAT for Bristol Media members // £85.00+ VAT for non-members

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