Creative Agencies - contracts for employees, freelancers and suppliers - SOLD OUT!

Where: Zone, The Brewhouse, Tower Hill, Bristol, BS2 0EQ.

When: 06 February 2017 4:00pm to 6:00pm

The first in a series of Workshops with Rebecca Steer of Steer & Co, this is a must attend for senior executives, general managers and those who are responsible for managing employees, freelancers and suppliers in creative and development projects.

Who should attend?

Aimed at executives at Creative Agencies and individuals who are responsible for contracting with and managing employees, freelancers and suppliers in creative and development projects.

The workshop will cover:

  • What is the difference between a freelancer and a supplier?
  • What contracts should I have with each?
  • Who owns copyright and other intellectual property rights created by employees, freelancers and suppliers when they work on a development project?
  • How do I stop our freelancers and employees poaching our clients?
  • Do I need to consider my client contracts/terms and conditions when appointing employees, freelancers and suppliers?
  • What happens if my freelancers or suppliers do a bad job or are late in completing work for a client project?
  • Can I stop freelancers and suppliers using our projects as part of their portfolio of work?
  • What happens if our client unexpectedly stops a project and we need to step down freelancers and suppliers?
  • Ensuring your freelancers and suppliers take a reasonable share of your risk to your client.

By the end of the session you will:

  • Know how to appoint freelancers, suppliers and employees to ensure you are not over/under resourced and have passed back appropriate terms to minimise your risk.
  • Understand what copyright and intellectual property rights are generated by freelancers and suppliers and how to ensure you as the Agency own these rights.
  • Have a checklist of what contracts you need in place with freelancers and suppliers and what they need to say.

The workshop takes place on Monday 6th Feb from 4-6pm at Zone, The Brewhouse, Tower Hill, Bristol BS2 0EQ.  The cost is £30.00+VAT for Bristol Media members and £45.00 for non-members.  To book your place please email

Entry Cost: £30.00+VAT for Bristol Media members and £45.00 for non-members

Posted by: Lynda Davies | 12-01-2017

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