China is looking for aviation themed films

Where: China, ,

When: 22 December 2016 7:00am to 30 March 2017 7:00am

Chinese aviation culture company is seeking cooperation on the distribution of aviation themed films.

Market: China

Sectors: Creative & Media

Opportunity Type: Private Sector

The state-owned company already works with Chinese aviation companies. It would like to expand its portfolio of products and services to include other forms of aviation culture activities. It's wants aviation-related/themed films for distribution in China.

Through activities and services this state-owned company aims to promote to the Chinese public:

- aviation knowledge

- an understanding of aviation culture

Its main business activities include:

- brand management

- expos

- air shows

- development of creative aviation products

It's most well-known event is the Flight Carnival. People from 7 of China’s provinces and cities, including Beijing, Hebei and Hubei, attended the carnival in 2016. It included an air show, flight simulators, expo and a flight experience.

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Posted by: Chris Knight | 22-12-2016

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