Introduction to Digital Video Editing Using Final Cut Pro

Where: City of Bath College, City of Bath College, Avon Street, Bath, BA1 1UP , ba1 1up

When: 16 September 2009 6:00pm to 14 October 2009 9:00pm

Introduction to Digital Video Editing Using Final Cut Pro

Course Details

Number of weeks: 5 weeks

Number of hours: 15

16 Sept to 14 Oct 2009

Wed 18:00 to 21:00

The Qualification

City of Bath College Certificate

Entry Requirement

No editing experience necessary, basic knowledge of Mac or PC an advantage

Aim of the Course

Students are introduced to basic editing techniques and workflows in order to edit a simple film.

Who is the Course for?

People with an interest in getting to know the basics and a workflow of video editing using Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

Awarding Body

City of Bath College


Tom Gray

Course Content

Lesson 1:

Mac osx

??? Mac osx Interface

??? Using Finder

??? Mounting and ejecting external hard drives

Starting the edit process

??? Launching Final Cut Pro

??? The Final Cut Pro interface

??? Navigating clips

??? Marking clips

??? Connecting sources for capture

??? Choosing capture settings

??? Logging clips

??? Capturing/transferring footage

??? Previewing and marking your source clips

??? Saving and loading layouts

Editing clips in the timeline

??? Managing project elements

??? Editing a rough cut

??? Making overwrite edits

??? Managing timeline tracks

??? Making insert edits

??? Adding audio clips

??? Drag and drop editing

??? Changing volume of edited clips

Finishing the rough cut

??? Adding cutaways

??? Editing to narration

??? Editing to music

??? Copying, cutting, pasting and positioning clips

Lesson 2:

Trimming to refine clip duration

??? Preparing a project for trimming

??? Trimming overview

??? Rippling edit points

??? Rippling in the Viewer and by numbers

??? Trimming on the V2 track

??? Trimming one track of a linked clip

Trimming to refine a sequence

??? Adjusting two edit points

??? Slipping one clip

??? Slipping sequence clips

??? Rolling two edit points

??? Sliding clips to refine position

??? Keeping linked clips in sync

Refining the edit process

??? Creating subclips

??? Adding markers to clips

??? Storyboard editing

??? Editing multicamera

Lesson 3:

Applying transitions

??? Evaluating project needs

??? Understanding transitions

??? Viewing transition options

??? Applying transitions

??? Modifying and copying transitions

??? Using the Transition Editor

??? Previewing and rendering effects

Changing motion properties

??? Changing speed properties

??? Creating a freeze-frame

??? Changing clip size and position

??? Building a split screen

Applying filters

??? Viewing and modifying filter parameters

??? Applying audio filters

??? Using a colour correction filter

??? Animating filters

Lesson 4:

Creating titles

??? Adding a lower third

??? Applying a Boris title

??? Creating a credit roll

??? Adding mattes

??? Composite opening titles

Mixing audio tracks

??? Organising and editing audio tracks

??? Monitoring and adjusting audio levels

??? Applying transitions to fade volume

??? Setting keyframes to change volume

??? Using the audio mixer

??? Recording a narration track

??? Importing CD tracks

Finishing and outputting

??? Detecting audio peaks

??? Broadcast video levels

??? Outputting and backing up projects

Lesson 5:

??? Exporting films for the web

??? Simple DVD???s in DVD Studio Pro

??? Q&A

Equipment Required

All equipment will be provided by the college.

After the Course

Students can progress to the Advanced Digital Video Course.


The course is not a film-making course. The college will not provide video cameras for students to film. Editing material will be provided by the tutor.

Entry Cost: 110.0

Posted by: Tom Gray | 10-09-2009

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