The Jarman Award

Where: Picture This, Sydney Row & Mardyke Ferry Road, Spike Island, Bristol., BS1 6UU

When: 16 September 2009 9:00am to 9:30am

A screening of moving image work by the Jarman Award 2009 shortlist; Anja Kirschner & David Panos ( The Last Days of Jack Sheppard, 2009 ), Simon Martin ( Untitled , 2008), Lindsay Seers ( It has to be this way , installation documentation, 2009) and Stephen Sutcliffe (selected shorts).

Presented by Film London and Channel 4, the Jarman Award recognises artists’ image work which, like Jarman’s, resists conventional definition, encompassing innovation and excellence.

Introduction by Rose Cupit, Manager FL AMIN (Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network)

(Running time: Programme One 30 minutes (short break) Programme Two 57 minutes)

A screening of moving image work introduced by Rose Cupit, Manager FLAMIN (Film London Artists’ Moving Image Network).


Stephen Sutcliffe

Come to the Edge 2003, 1’ 36’

O Come all ye Faithfull 2007, 47’

We’ll let you Know 2008, 58’

There is something predatory about the use of the moving image in the work of Stephen Sutcliffe – it is both determined and persistent. Gestures and movements, cultural legacies and histories are carefully observed, identified and cut-up. Severing with surgical precision, and splicing words and images together to present a mood or attitude, Sutcliffe reaches into the archive and pulls out his version of its heart.

Mark Beasley

Simon Martin

Untitled 2008 17’58’

Originally conceived as an installation for Chisenhale Gallery, Untitled is a high definition animation from a digital source. For the Jarman Award the work is presented as an 18-minute screening.

In 1998 Martin made a photorealist painting of a strawberry poison dart frog based on a found photograph. Untitled returns to that same source image though here it is rendered in a fully three-dimensional state. The animation of the frog could be seen as a collection of establishing shots, carefully observing the creature and exploring the virtual space of the synthetic image.

Lindsay Seers

It has to be this way, installation documentation, 2009, 6’

This DVD forms the ‘walk-through’ documentation of Lindsay Seers’ installation It has to be this way, presented at Matt’s Gallery, London, 2009.

An accident involving Christine, Seers’ step-sister, caused a chain of events that make a journey through history where everything is connected. In 1999 Christine was involved in a moped accident in Rome that left her with severe retrograde and anterior grade memory loss. She went missing in 2001.

Using archives created by both Christine and Seers on their shared interest in Queen Christina, Seers follows streams of associations and connections, attempting to reconstruct a past in which characters move across histories and slip from one person into another.

The work is housed in an installation derived from Vitruvian/Renaissance theatres, painted blue screen blue/the colour of the star regulus. The structure spreads perspectives and points of view through the gallery in three DVD works which differ in tone. On entering the inner chamber we are finally forced into a single subjective point of view, as if sitting in the head of S (Christine’s last boyfriend) – the viewer becomes the homunculus behind S’ eyes.


Anja Kirshner & David Panos

The Last Days of Jack Sheppard 2009 56’ 41’’

The Last Days of Jack Sheppard is based on the inferred prison encounters between the 18th century criminal Jack Sheppard and Daniel Defoe, ghost-writer of Sheppard’s ‘autobiography’. Set in the wake of the South Sea Bubble of 1720, Britain’s first financial crisis, the film is a critical costume drama constructed from a patchwork of historical, literary, and popular sources. It explores the connections between representation, speculation and the discourses of high and low culture that emerged in the early 18th century and remain relevant to the present day.

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