TWENTY THIRD C Jewellery Launch

Where: The Square, 15 Berkeley Square, BS8 1HB

When: 16 November 2016 8:00pm to 10:00pm

The Square are delighted to host the launch of Nik Hill’s new jewellery line TWENTY THIRD C.

Nik has extensive experience as a motion designer, 3D artist and illustrator but is now venturing into the world of 3d printed jewellery. Using 3d printing along with his animation skills, Nik is pushing jewellery into the fourth dimension. His work is not only cutting edge and visually stunning, but also unlike anything else on the market.

After the online launch of Twenty Third C, Nik’s Bristol based launch will happen with us at The Square. Join us for a talk and visual presentation, and Q&A about Nik’s work and see his beautiful line of jewellery for yourself.

Entry Cost: £5.00

Posted by: Sophie Phillips | 12-10-2016

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