Boundless Launch Event (Edition 3)

Where: Backfields House, Upper York Street, BS2 8QJ

When: 07 June 2016 12:00pm to 11 June 2016 4:00pm

To celebrate the launch of Boundless Magazine (Edition 3), Arkbound is holding an open event from 7th-11th June where anyone is welcome to visit the office, talk to staff, see what we do, and grab some free refreshments.

This event is held every day from 12-4pm. Please email or call 0117 290 0251 if you wish to attend. You can also choose to drop by, but giving notice will allow us to have the biscuits etc to hand!

About Boundless Magazine

Boundless was launched in October 2015 and focuses upon environmental issues (sustainability), healthy living and creativity. In this issue the core feature is on ‘Housing’ and the magazine features an expanded Gallery section where local artists and writers showcase their work.

About Arkbound

Arkbound is a Bristol based publisher and media organisation. It is also a social enterprise, which means we are not just interested in making profits! We value collaboration and creative development above competition and elitism. The promotion of sustainability, community development, social inclusion and artistic talent lies at the heart of Arkbound’s aims.

Entry Cost: FREE!

Posted by: Katherine Bishop | 05-05-2016

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