CineMe Shorts - Showcasing Short Films From Female Filmmakers

Where: The Tobacco Factory, Raleigh Road, Bedminster, Bristol, BS3 1TF

When: 29 March 2016 8:00pm to 10:30pm

Documentary filmmaker Mandi Edwards (Guns In the House and Write To Kill), curates a programme of short films from female directors.  The evening will consist of work made locally, nationally and internationally.  Some of the local filmmakers will be discussing their work and audience members can vote on their favourite, which will be presented with CineMe's new film laurel.  There will be networking in the main bar after the screenings.

A number of short films will be screened on the night.  Highlights include:-

1. Jen West's Little Cabbage about an eccentric composer in the 1950s, who is given a musical instrument that when played distorts her perception of reality.

2. Madeleine Tangney's Team Sports.  A comedy that chronicles one girl's attempts to connect with others when she joins a team sports league the summer before she heads off to college.

3. Ellen Waddell and Emma Hanson's Stages.  A short comedy / drama about a straight talking comedian, who falls out with her boyfriend when she behaves inappropriately during a business dinner.

4. Claire Elizabeth Alberie's Coffin Grabber.  A drama that examines the statistics that every ten days in the UK, a child is killed at the hands of a parent and what if one child fought back?

5. Isabelle Rose Neill's Across the Tracks.  The film was made for Water Aid and is about Radha Verma, a woman determined to protect her daughter after she narrowly escapes a physical attack and builds one of the first toilets in the Rakhi Mandi slum, home to 3,500 people.

6. Li Marley's documentary Red Sky on the Black Isle.  A film that examines why 22 birds of prey including 16 red kites were found dead in one small area in the Black Isle of Scotland.

Other films include Phoebe Holman's documentary Death Cafe, the animation Moonbird by Roos Mataar, Iris Grob's Hadzabe, Stephanie Wessell's Gerald's Best Client and Sue Elliott and Naomi Yates The Alternative Limb Project.

Entry £5.00 General Admission and £3.00 Concessions (NUS, 60+ and Bristol Crew members).

Starts at 8pm in 'The Snug' in the main Tobacco Factory Cafe Bar.  Admission on the door only, no advance sales.

Entry Cost: £5.00 General Admission and £3.00 Concessions

Posted by: James Ewen | 21-03-2016

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